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Urgent Product Recall

This is to inform you of a voluntary product recall involving: Mighty Bliss Electric Heating Pad

Model Numbers and Description

MB-001 (NA-H1121B/NA-H21B): Large (12” x 24”) Blue Electric Heating Pad

MB-002 (NA-H21C): Extra-Large (20” x 24”) Blue Electric Heating Pad

PE-MtyBls-HeatPad-12x24-Gry-V2(NA-H1121B/NA-H21B): Large (12” x 24”) Grey Electric Heating Pad


This recall applies to products distributed from 29JUL21 through 21JUL22.


Reason for Recall

This recall has been initiated due to product safety concerns. We received 286 complaints between July 2021 to September 2022 related to the product overheating, sparking, burning, or presenting other electrical problems. 31 of these complaints reported injuries such as mild shocks, burns, and rashes or irritation.

Risk to Health

Use of this product may lead to electric shocks and/or skin irritation, rashes, blisters, or burns. Severe burns may result in infection or formation of scar tissue.


Actions to be taken by the Distributor

  1. Immediately examine your inventory and quarantine the product subject to recall. We will be in contact to gather any remaining inventory for destruction.

  2. If you may have further distributed this product, please identify your customers and notify them within two (2) business days of this product recall. Your notification to your customers may be enhanced by including a copy of this recall notification and must include the following url:


Actions to be taken by the Customer/User

1. Immediately cease use of the product.

2. If you have product on hand, please take the following actions:  

        a. Ensure unit is unplugged. 

        b. Safely cut the cord off the device.

        c. Take a picture of the device to demonstrate that the device can no longer be used. 

        d. Upload a picture of the device with the cord cut to our website. 

3. Please visit our website to verify that you have received this notification, even if you no longer have the product on hand. 

4. All reimbursement information can also be found on our website


This recall should be carried out to the user level.


Your assistance is appreciated and necessary to prevent potential harm to customers.


If you have any questions, call 866-918-8768, Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm EST, or email


This recall is being made with the knowledge of the Food and Drug Administration.

Affected Product Lots

The product lot number can be found directly on the heating pad listed in black text beneath the product instructions.

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